Glowing GRP Bath and Wall: The stars of Directors Home

Main Contractor:

Turner Castle


Scape Architects

Project Duration:

3 Months


wall & ceiling cladding


roof cladding


Project Information:

Once more, Design & Display Structures has demonstrated its design’s potential to match any architect’s vision and develop exciting interior designs. Set in the private home of British filmmaker, Nicholas Barker, the team designed, manufactured and installed a bespoke translucent stairway wall and matching bath that shine with an ethereal glow.

The director purchased a Victorian organ works, originally designed to home an organ, and subsequently commissioned Scape Architects to convert it with an interior design that complimented the unusual, ‘rabbit warren-like’ interior layout.

Specifically, Nicholas and the architects wanted to transform this non-conventional domestic building with a bold new interior aesthetic. Alternative materials and particularly, unorthodox designs were key to achieving this effect. Design & Display’s ability to combine its unique designs with its skilful use of GRP brought a major focal point to the home that makes it stand out from any other.

The wall is constructed from a number of 8.6 metre GRP moulds stacked horizontally on top of each other at the height of two storeys. These combined moulds form a wall that rises adjacent to the stairs from the ground floor up to a skylight in the roof.

As the segments of wall are created in a mould, the manufacturing process, fully carried out by Design & Display, is highly efficient. Any number of identical forms can be produced - providing cost savings and reducing any environmental impact.

This moulding process also meant the architect was not limited in the design and shape of the wall, nor its colour. Design & Display’s expert knowledge and its use of GRP was put to the test and has produced the stunning wall with an aesthetic that resembles a traditional faux-stonework effect distorted into a contemporary image, reflecting the architect’s exact vision.

With both male and female sections fitted together to make the wall, it is hollow. This allows light from the skylight to shine down through the structure, which is then emitted through the semi-translucent GRP to create an atmospheric visual quality.

On top of this, the company took the same design and concept to manufacture a one of a kind bath for the master bedroom. This second focal point for the house is just as stunning as the wall, and allows the homeowner to bath in a way that can be experienced in no other home.

The company not only ensured the design looking perfect, but that it was 100% fit for function. Seated inside its 10mm thick base are a number of lights, fitted to give the bath a lucent quality, which are protected by waterproof tubes.

Architects have a new realm of creativity open to them with Design & Display’s unique drive to push the boundaries of design. Together with the company’s specialist use of GRP, architects are limited only by their imagination to see even the most innovative interior and exterior design visions come to life.

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