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Design & Display Structures (D&D) pulls together a team of design specialists with extensive knowledge of combining GRP mould manufacturing with other traditional building materials to produce long lasting, low maintenance, cost effective installations.

Building construction architectural specification NBS H41 Glassfibre reinforcement plastics cladding & features.

Sales Enquiries:

Email sales (or first name) @ design-and-display.co.uk

Allan Curtis - Commercial Director - 07718 320 184

Since joining the construction industry in 1985 Allan has accumulated a wealth of sales, manufacturing and project management skills in his rapid rise to proud owner of this market
leading GRP business providing a complete design, manufacture and installation service. Combining genuine enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for developing creative solutions, Allan is well placed to ensure your project receives solid advice, keenly priced tenders and close attention throughout your project.

Ruben Maudo - Design Manager - 07739 323 837

With many years working in the construction industry and a deep knowledge of CAD tools in both 2D and 3D design, Ruben has developed his skills in a fast pace environment where the small details are the most important and the main objective is to exceed client expectations. Ruben brings a precise and enthusiastic view of construction along with great spatial awareness. He thrives on complex projects where team working is essential.

Colin Edwards - Factory Manager - 07971 249 744

A highly experienced confident team leader with a keen eye for detail and prioritising work loads, Colin is well placed to deliver complex products for projects on tight timescales.

Karen Curtis - Office Manager - 07983 441 076

A dynamic manager with extensive business and account manager experience in a large corporate environment, Karen is well placed to handle client enquiries and provide marketing support to the D&D team.