Bespoke simulator projection screens

Main Contractor:

D&D construction team


D&D in house design team

Project Duration:

Varies typically 3 to 9 months depending on size, complexity and site location


simulator screens




Project Information:

Immerse yourself in worlds beyond with bespoke projection screens

D&D Structures has rapidly become a market leader in providing bespoke modular projection screens for both static and motion based simulators around the world. Clients range from motorsport to the oil industry.

Importantly D&D offer a complete design, manufacture and installation package meaning client staff can focus on their software development and other hardware such as projectors and controls. These strong working relations foster a true partnership when delivering highly valued schemes to the ultimate client.

Many projects are under NDA which sadly does limit us in what we can show off to you here so the next step is to contact us with details of your project and we’ll guide you through to process.

In the meantime some examples from our extensive portfolio:

  • Motorsport racing 9m dia x 4m high conical shape 360 deg viewing with huge sliding door for large equipment (car) entry/exit and concealed emergency door

  • Crane operations 7m dia spherical with truncated front and base to allow rig entry

  • Ship bridge 4m dia screens to create a 10m x 10m 360 deg projection plus leaning out ship bridge cabin walls with large window openings

  • Driving instruction 5m dia on a motion platform

  • Single user office compatible versions for training center networking applications, for example where multiple operators need to trained to coordinate activities

  • MOD where a one piece wide width x narrow height is just required because that is all the operator can see

  • Aerospace various large diameters for pilot training

The manufactured modular components are preassembled in our factory to ensure all parts fit neatly together and promote speedy site installation all as intended by our design team. These are then dismantled and packed in a variety of formats as necessary for shipping by lorry or container as appropriate to the scheme size and site location.

Most screens are constructed single skin with the projection surface facing inside. The option to add a cosmetic double skin is available though generally more appropriate to screens erected in the office environment or public viewing.

Horizontal viewing angles can range from small to 360 deg and incorporate a range of entrance configurations to suit your building.

Vertical viewing angles depend on if the screen is floor mounted, raised or suspended. It can even be tilted.

Our design team uses Rhino and Vectorworks but can import other file sources.

Contact for further information: Allan Curtis 07718 320184