The Caterham Motorsport 2023 310R Championship has begun

Following a successful 2022 season in both Caterham 310R championship and CGRC Sigma 150 the D&D Wildcard Team are raring to go for 2023.

Last year the D&D Caterham race car underwent a transformation to a 310R specification and both car and driver did not disappoint in its first season out resulting in 1st place in the CGRC Trophy and a 10th overall in the Caterham Motorsport Championship.

To make things even more exciting, Caterham have announced the introduction of a slick tyre!  The Avon ZZR, exclusively designed for dry conditions, will provide increased grip and tighter handling bringing the lap times down by a good margin thereby placing even greater demands on the drivers body due to the higher g-forces experienced.  If the race is declared by race control the well known Avon ZZS will be used.

Races are governed by Motorsport UK regulations and organised by BARC who have taken things over from BRSCC who did a superb job in 2022.

Although D&D Wildcard Racing runs as an independent race team within the paddock it has access to an additional layer of emergency support at each circuit venue from either Caterham direct or DPR Motorsport should the worst happen. The car is serviced pre/post race weekends by the highly capable team of mechanics and engineers at DPR Motorsport, Redhill, Surrey.  Expert driver training is received from Darren Burke and the Racelogic VBOX Video HD2 1080p 60fps data system enhanced with brake and throttle sensors facilitates his accurate assessment of each and every driver input.

The 2023 season comprises 7 double header race weekends with the best 12 scores from 15 results counting.

Circuits: Croft (May), Zandvoort (June), Silverstone GP (June), Thruxton (July), Snetterton (Aug), Donington (Sep) plus Silverstone (Oct) for Birkett Relay

Sponsors: Design & Display Structures, Caterham, Bilstein, Vertex, Demon Tweeks, Avon Tyres, MOTUL, Adrian Flux

Caterham 310R specification: 152bhp output, new cams with an ECU remap, roll cage mounted LED brake lights and a limited slip differential (LSD) for increased traction and improved cornering. This power to weight ratio is well in excess of a Porsche 911.

CGRC: Caterham Gradulates Racing Club 

Birkett Relay Team Entry: Braker Dancers