Seating to London Hotel Terrace in 3.5m modules

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

Bespoke GRP specialist Design & Display Structures have been contracted by a prestigious London hotel to manufacture shaped modular GRP moulds to create balcony seating space to seven locations along its south terrace elevation.

The seats each 3.5m long will be dressed with luxurious cushions, pressed metal drinks trays and stainless steel tubular mood light fittings making any evening spent out on the terrace a special relaxing occasion.

Fixings, although not immediately visible, will be neat and attractive should the cushions be moved.

Once manufactured the D&D installation team will deliver, distribute and fix them externally to primary steelwork running beneath and behind.

GRP is an ideal material for this application - it is weather resistant, robust and mouldable to complex shapes with the selected colour pigment factory incorporated during the manufacture process meaning each one can be a different colour to the next if desired.

Strategic reinforcement is introduced within the moulding to achieve the strength required to meet the engineered loading calculations.

The seat itself is a multipart moulding which will be factory assembled and structurally bonded to create a single moulded product thereby making it easy to quickly wipe down and minimising crevices for small animal / insect nesting.

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