Atrium Hotel Hatton Cross

The owners of Atrium Hotel Hatton Cross Heathrow decided their project needed something out of the ordinary to welcome their guests.

D&D developed a sculptural ceiling feature which rises majestically from the curved reception desk, fanning outwards as its fingers reach for the main curtain wall fa├žade.

Cleverly working around the various bulkhead levels, mirrored walls and various immovable structural support elements this GRP petal feature was 3D Rhino modelled and off site manufactured enabling a kit of lightweight modular prefinished ribs to be delivered to site and quickly Gripple wire suspended from submersed connection points which has been carefully coordinated earlier during the design phase between D&D and dry lining subcontractor.

At ground level the buildings structural columns were at offset positions so a pair of oval shaped GRP columns with trumpet like capitals were used to disguise the situation.

Once the GRP components were installed the final effect was completed by strings of coloured LED lighting attached to the top face, creating a fascinating glow overhead and patterns on the ceiling.