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Dome: Southampton Medina Mosque

Main Contractor: D&D
Architect: D&D
Project Duration: 3 months
Mosques & Temples
Roof Cladding

Project Information:

Design & Display Structures recreates mosque's crowning feature

A GRP dome, which spans 6m and fits perfectly over an existing structure at Southampton's Medina Mosque has been designed, manufactured and installed by Design & Display Structures.

It marks the latest in a long line of Mosque projects for the GRP expert, which has seen the company faithfully replicate traditional Islamic architecture across the country.

The Medina Mosque's existing dome was in need of rejuvenation. Following Design & Display Structures' appointment it is now home to a striking green dome, complete with perimeter cornice and crescent moon finial.

The original dome was manufactured from natural materials and its dimensions were uneven. Following an extensive site survey Design & Display Structures was equipped with the data it needed to create a solution and, using this information, its highly skilled in-house 3D modelling team achieved the desired architectural vision with the exact measurements required.

The dome was then manufactured using a number of GRP moulds. This process allows for the creation of unique features, which would otherwise prove costly with alternative materials.

Using another material would also have required the construction of a new supporting structure. However, due to GRP's lightweight nature, it was feasible to install the new features directly over the existing dome.

Finished in a traditional verdigris colour to echo aged copper, the new dome has brought Southampton's Medina Mosque to life. This was all made possible by the combined force of Design & Display Structures' design capabilities and experience in recreating traditional religious architecture.

For more information on Design & Display Structures' bespoke architectural solutions contact Allan Curtis or Dick Kiss


Installing using crane and cherry picker

Mosque dome and crescent hilal

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