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GRP Belfrey: A towering success for Design & Display Structures

Under a six month contract with main contractor Bovis Lend Lease, Design & Display Structures crafted the breathtaking cladding for the 14m tall belfry. The entire tower structure, built using innovative modular off site production techniques, has scooped Bovis' Project Innovation Award 2007.

Working in partnership with steel frame creator William Hare, the masterpiece of GRP design was built at ground level so there was no need for high level scaffolding. This brought significant time and cost savings for the client.

Weighing 33 tonnes, the textured, stone appearance belfry and striking lead coloured balled finial feature were easily maneuvered by crane and dropped into place atop the 67m high development (a £70m extension of the £1.6 billion Trafford Centre).

Design & Display also installed fibre optic lights throughout the finial and LEDs in the pediments for nighttime illumination. An innovative maintenance solution for the hard-to-reach aircraft warning beacon was also created.

Made from an upside down bell jar the company sourced from the US, the beacon sits atop the raised ball. This means anyone replacing the bulb would have to reach it through the extremely narrow, concave holding stand. To overcome this, Design & Display installed a bespoke lowering mechanism for easy maintenance.

Managing Director Allan Curtis said: "The finished Campanile is truly stunning and provides a real focal point for the Barton Square Development. We are thrilled to have been able to help the vision of architect Leach Rhodes Walker come to life."

"There were a number of unique challenges with this project but we managed to find simple, effective solutions for each and every one of them. Plus, by using our modular GRP solution, Bovis Lend Lease has saved money, labour and time over heavier, more cumbersome construction alternatives."

Design & Display's work also offered significant environmental benefits for the client, as the lightweight finished product is easily handled, requires minimal mechanical lifting and delivery payloads are reduced. This cuts the carbon costs of delivery, making GRP a very sustainable solution.

The company is now working on three further projects at Barton Square:

  • A 15m diameter, domed Rotunda - 4x the size of the Campanile Tower
  • Statues, Urns, Obliques and Eagles
  • Bridge Link Tower Cornices

This means Design & Display Structures, which offers a one stop shop for GRP design, manufacture and installation, will be completing over £1 million worth of projects at Barton Square.

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For further information please contact Allan Curtis on 07718 320184

Campanile belfrey Barton Square Trafford Centre

Barton Square Campanile Tower in Manchester

Eagle Sculpture

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