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Sikh temples put faith in Design & Display Structures

The importance of these temples, known as Gurdwaras to the Sikh community, required an approach that would produce an authentic finish, yet remain cost effective. The GRP experts' stunning white mouldings have done just that.

Having previously worked with Surinder Buray of Reade Buray Associates on other design projects, Design & Display Structures was the natural choice for sites in Willenhall, Wednesfield and Wolverhampton.

The most striking features are the instantly recognisable convex-shaped domes, or Gumuts, which span 4.75m across and stand 11m high. These were designed with historical assistance from the Gurdwara Committee.

Until recently, these structures would be formed in reinforced concrete - a much heavier and more expensive option compared to GRP.

Each dome was produced in 12 orange-like segments, plus a finial and the stainless steel Khanda - the Sikh emblem. This kept tooling and origination costs down. With two of the sites using the same moulds, the costs to the committee were effectively halved.

The segment size and shape also meant they could be nestled during shipping and easily manhandled on site. This reduced the haulage necessary and, therefore, made the project more environmentally friendly.

Arriving on site on a just in time basis, they were assembled at ground level before being craned into place. In addition, Design & Display Structures produced 33 mini domes, each measuring 0.9m in diameter and manufactured in one piece, plus three oriel windows.

Combined with fast erection times, Design & Display Structures' turnkey solution took just 10 weeks from start to finish.

This level of efficiency and cost saving simply isn't possible using heavier alternatives and demonstrates why the versatile material is now the specifiers' preferred choice for projects such as these.

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For further information please contact Allan Curtis on 07718 320184

Sikh temples

Sikh temple dome

Gudwaras - main elevation

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