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Birmingham Mailbox Portal Beams in GRP textured finish close up Birmingham Mailbox Portal Beams in GRP textured finis

These modular GRP sections were manufactured as fully finished components to simulate Armoucoat (polished plaster), all ready for the fast track installation phase. Each portal set (x94) comprised: • 11.3m long horizonal beams • Pair of vertical supporting uprights 5.3m tall Lifted to high level under the new atrium roof these portal frames form a significant feature in the central walkway providing larger public areas in addition to the improvements to the surrounding infrastructure.

Sainsbury's Maidenhead mast features Mast features

These GRP mast features for Sainsburys Maidenhead may look simple but are in fact a complex piece of engineering. They span from the pedestrian walkway through the aluminium canopy above, then reach skywards connecting to the winter garden to neatly shield the rainwater downpipes contained within from view. As they pass through the canopy the GRP columns taper in both directions and are bracket fixed to the main structure.

Factory finished columns of all shapes and sizes Newcastle City Campus - interior GRP columns

Factory finished GRP columns of all shapes and sizes. Finished in the colour of your choice, it saves site time and eliminate wet trades. Incorporating electrical fittings, skirtings and design features such as movable collars to accommodate varying ceiling levels.

Serpentine Sackler Gallery GRP FRP monolithic column cladding lining Serpentine Sackler Gallery GRP FRP monolithic column

Design & Display Structures were appointed to design detail, manufacture and install one of the most complex double curving GRP bullnose cladding structures in the UK to fit around the perimeter of lightweight tensile roof membrane and primary steelwork structure which provides a new and exciting exhibition/gallery space in London. In addition D&D provided 5 No very tall fluted monolithic FRP column linings leading your gaze up into the oval glazed rooflights.

Ornate column capital features in GRP - image 2 Structural GRP fluted columns with ornate capitals

GRP reproductions of original rotted timber versions. Complete with internal structural member and attachment points for metal balustrade.

Design & Display Structures Ltd: GRP Design, Manufacture & Installation
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