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Roof Cladding


Metallic appearance GRP mouldings GRP metal particle finish cladding

Does your project need a metallic solution combining robust looks with a lightweight construction? We've got just the material for you here.

Note the different shades and ageing possible Lead rolls in a variety of shades

Note how by using our artist abilities we can use a single mould to create a number of differing shades and therefore appearances.

Composite roof cladding / project a RIBA award winner Siobhan Davies Dance Studios

Sweeping panels enclose the entire roof, complete with internal acoustic and thermal insulation plus twisting ply linings that couldn't be supplied by competitor products.

Bull nose fascia with flat fascia lower down Streatham Place close up

One would not think or realise the bullnose and lower fascia was in GRP (RAL 7012 smooth satin finish) as they match so well in appearance with the anodised door/window frames and metal painted hand rails.

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