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GRP domed soffit panels Birmingham Mailbox

Long runs of decorative domed GRP soffit panels are installed along the lengths of the walkways. GRP makes an ideal choice providing low maintenance, intergral colour, lightweight and enabling other fixtures and fittings such as lights and sprinklers to be incorporated.

Our manufacturing method means that you can have the same product in a variety of colours using the same tooling. Perimeter fascia and multicoloured columns

Due to our manufacturing processes, both the fascia and columns can be manufactured in a variety of colours using the same tooling i.e. at no extra cost. Below the rotunda the columns are brightly coloured whereas to the right they are a more subtle colour so as not to overtake the products in the shop window. Example application: through colour coding, retailers can cleverly direct their customers to particular areas and effectively manage large volumes of pedestrian traffic.

Serpentine Sackler Gallery GRP FRP organic cladding Serpentine Sackler Gallery GRP FRP organic cladding

Design & Display Structures were appointed to design detail, manufacture and install one of the most complex double curving GRP bullnose cladding structures in the UK to fit around the perimeter of lightweight tensile roof membrane and primary steelwork structure which provides a new and exciting exhibition/gallery space in London.

Serpentine Sackler Gallery GRP FRP organic cladding Serpentine Sackler Gallery GRP FRP organic cladding

The D&D design team worked in partnership with the main contractor Galliford Try Construction, concept designers Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) and a team of associated specialist trades such as Architen Landrell to achieve the sweeping serpentine effect desired on this challenging renovation and development.

Bull nose fascia with flat fascia lower down Streatham Place, London

If you were ever concerned that GRP might look 'plastic' in comparison to other materials then take a look at this image. Note how well the GRP (RAL 7012 smooth satin finish) blends so well with the adjacent anodised door/window frames and metal painted hand rails. This project was completed in 2006 and demonstrate the good weathering characteristics of GRP.

Yo Sushi double curving GRP fascia soffit Whiteley Shopping Centre NBS spec H41 YO! Sushi at Whiteley Village Fareham

A sweeping loop of GRP fascia soffit around an 1,800 sq ft custom built standalone pod at Whiteley retail and leisure. Profiling is complicated - on plan the GRP follows an eliptical path whilst its level rises and falls as it wraps around the new building. The project therefore called for very careful coordination of the double curving GRP design with the facetted glazing below, steelwork supports and wave like timber roof above. Each modular length was manufactured in fibreglass at D&D's London GRP factory and fully finished off site in a RAL c

Design & Display Structures Ltd: GRP Design, Manufacture & Installation
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