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About Us

We are the UK's leading bespoke GRP design, manufacture and installation company with a reputation for imagination, innovation and inspiration.

This position stems from our expertise as a GRP subcontractor in delivering bespoke turnkey packages, which run from initial design to final installation.  We have a highly talented workforce, backed by project managers with decades of GRP design and installation experience.  It is our growing reputation for delivering complex projects to high profile developments that separates us in a busy marketplace.

There are many GRP subcontractors out there yet very few have our ability or capacity to offer a comprehensive complete turn-key design and installation package.  Fewer still can tie it all together with expert design and project management such as ours.  We are quite simply head and shoulders above the competition.

D&D believe in getting every project right from the very start.  And this includes choosing the correct materials.  After all, the best laid designs hinge on using quality products.  Our emphasis is always quality over quantity.  So we use ISO certified raw materials suppliers, such as Scott Bader, and manufacture to H41 specification.  This gives specifiers and architects total confidence in the integrity and finish of our products.

NBS specification reference: H41 GRP FRP Glass fibre reinforced plastics architectural cladding systems and features

Serpentine Sackler Gallery GRP FRP organic cladding

Factory finished columns of all shapes and sizes
Design & Display Structures Ltd: GRP Design, Manufacture & Installation
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